5 Best Portable Electric Nail Drill For Beginners

If you have growing interest towards manicuring your nails by yourself or even opt to become an nail pro-technician over time, it’s necessary to choose the right nail drill to implement more manicuring practices if resolute to be a professional manicurist. Then you’ll come to wondering which nail drill will be the best to start out. Hear out what we say that maybe helpful to you.

Electric nail drill for beginner - Lnkerco

As a nail drill beginner, you can’t go wrong if the below points are considered prior to purchasing the nail drill that is right f or you:


There are a number of nail drill brands on the market which provide a variety of nail drill of different functionalities that probably unsuit your needs as a junior beginner. For sure most of the models they offer are of superior quality. Nevertheless, I would advise to choose those ones with a low profile and affordability unless you don’t care high cost at all. In other words, go with a non-branded model which suits your budget.

Drilling Speed

As a starter, it’s safer to go with a cordless nail drill which rotates under 20,000rmp (RMPs= revolutions per minute) when operates so that your nails will never expose to any damage. Reassuringly, most of the electric nail drills released in the past few years are with speed controllability, so keep your eyes wide open when it comes to picking the right one. Avoid those nail drills typically with RMPs 30,000 or above, such as the most common 35,000 ones which are more suitable for professional practices.


For picking a best nail drill for beginners, the cordless nail drill is definitely the No 1 priority. It takes tremendous patience for a novice to put up with the wire-tangling hassle for the first place. A cordless nail drill is a smarter choice!

Another crucial factor for a best nail drill for beginners comes down to its chargeability, Nowhere would you find any except where sells non-electric nail drills. The market has developed the USB or C-type chargeable nail drills which satisfies a dominant share of the market.

Forward / Reverse Mode

A cordless nail drill brings foremost convenience for a novice for it being able to rotate in one direction and the other reversely. Both right and left handed will benefit from it. How will you be able to achieve a piece of nail art work by twisting your hand or client’s inevitably during the project?

Lightweight Hand Piece

A nail drill beginner surely can’t hand a handpiece in operation as steady as professionals do, thus pick lightweight one with its weight under 250g is necessary to work out a perfect nail art work efficiently.

Full Pack Of Nail Drill Accessories

Last but not the least, make sure the nail drill you’re going to purchase are with all the essential accessories included ably to perform a complete project.

With all the points above considered, below are the 5 best nail drill for beginners on the market to consider:

  1. Best Long-Lasting Battery Nail drill For Beginners

Long-Lasting Battery Nail drill

It’s the one of the newest nail drill with extra-large battery volume can back up your phone in case it's running out of juice and:

powerful + rechargeable

intelligent speed control

forward+reverse directions

interchangeable drill bits

constant heat dissipation

compact + portable

waist clippable design

for professionals + hobbyists


  1. Best Ergonomic Design Nail Drill


    3. Best Low Noise Nail Drill


    4. Best Lightweight Nail Drill

    5. Best Portable Nail Drill

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