About us

Meet the founder of Lnkerco.com - Jenny Lin

Since the breakout of the Pandemic in 2020, as a beauty fan, you probably haven’t or seldomly visited that beauty salon in your community or somewhere else nearby.

We understand you! Thus our online beauty & care products store Lnkerco was founded to provide quality-selected beauty & personal-care niched products through numerous factories in the so called " Silicone Valley  " Shenzhen City which is located in the south China. 

Our mission is simple: with what we have to offer to make you become a staying-at home BEAUTY & PERSONAL-CARE  hobbyist/expert of your own!

At this stage, we are running only a few products lines of nail drill, nail lamp, hair dryer brush, and ear wax removal kit. More niche-related products will be in availability soon as our team is continously working on sourcing more quality items to meet your beauty & personal care needs.

Lnkerco stands behind its products, thus we offer extended 45 days return & refund policies which is a pride of what we do.


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