The first thing to remove nail polish is to prepare nail polish remover and cotton pad. This is what you need to remove nail polish. Soak the cotton pad in the nail polish remover. Then pick up the cotton pad and wrap it on the nail surface. Finally, gently wipe the nail surface and it is basically finished.

Detailed Steps To Remove Nail Art

Sanding: Use a nail drill to lightly sand the nail surface in the order of side-front-side.

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Cleaning: Clean the nail surface with a dust brush. Polished nail surface effect: The nail surface must be covered with scars, but the color must not be rubbed.

Coated with nail remover: cut out the appropriate size of tin foil; and take a sufficient amount of nail remover on the cotton; use tweezers to completely remove the cotton to cover the surface of the nail;

Wrap: Put tin foil under the nail; pay attention to the seal; wrap the cotton; wait for 5-10 minutes, we will take off the nail remover as a whole.

Remove the armor removal kit: Use a small steel push to gently push off the softened glue. Be careful to push gently, otherwise it will damage the nail surface. Use a sponge file to gently grind away the remaining glue and polish the nail surface.

Clean the nail surface: Use a dust brush to clean the nail surface.

Polishing: Polish the nail surface with a polishing strip, first lightly polish the rough surface, and then use the fine surface.

Apply nutrient oil: apply nutrient oil to the edge of the nail and massage until it is absorbed, remove the nail piece and remove the half nail piece by phototherapy

①Remove the surface layer first. First determine whether the surface is nail polish, nail polish glue or phototherapy glue, and remove the surface layer by the corresponding method.

②Remove the nail piece and half nail piece and use a wooden stick to gently pry open. It is recommended that you pry off the front edge of the nail, because the root of the half nail piece has been polished and it is not easy to pry, and the front end is easier to pry off .

Removal of full armor


① Paste with glue, first cut off the nail piece with scissors, and cut it to the same length as the real nail. Then lightly press the front end of the nail piece, and use a wooden stick to gently pry open the root of the nail piece to leak out the gap. Use a cotton swab to stick some glue on the gap, wait a few seconds, and then the glue will melt. Spread the glue in and remove the deeper glue until the nail piece is gently peeled off.

Finally, wipe off or rub off the nail surface residue, then polish and apply the nutrient oil! To remove the phototherapy nail, the phototherapy nail can not be removed with the nail remover, you have to go to the nail salon to remove it with a special potion or a special nail remover. ①First use a cotton pad to soak an appropriate amount of nail polish remover, the amount can be more, and wrap the entire nail in the cotton pad.

②Wrap the finger completely with tin foil, this way, it will be more helpful to completely remove the nail polish on the finger!

③After waiting for a few minutes, remove the tin foil and cotton pad, and soak your fingers in warm water for 5 minutes to help wash away the dirt remaining on the nails.

④ Wipe your fingers clean with a cotton pad, and finally apply a layer of nutrient oil to the nails.

PS: Note that when choosing nail polish remover, try to choose a better quality, so that it will not damage your nails. Remember to wash your hands with warm water after unloading, and apply moisturizing hand cream and cuticle oil to protect your nails.

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