dark winter nails 2020

Here Is The Analysis From Multiple Dimensions:

Nail design tool quality not good enough 

(1) The power of the nail lamp is insufficient or the lamp tube is aging, which causes the nail polish not dry enough, and the subsequent nail art is not completed well, and the nail surface is not clean.

(2) The nail polish itself has poor adhesion and poor quality, which can also cause uneven nail surface application and even wrinkles.

(3) Some sealants will turn yellow shortly after being applied, and the nail surface will turn yellow, and of course it will look dirty.

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Manipulation problem

(1) The dead skin is not cut clean, and the edges of the nails appear rough.

(2) Nail surface cleaning is too sloppy, the dust after sanding the nails, and the residual oil on the nail surface will affect the subsequent adhesion of the nail polish glue, causing the nail to be easily lifted and peeled off.

(3) Improper technique when applying nail polish glue, vigorously pressing the brush head causes obvious brush marks and bubbles on the nail surface.

(4) Before applying the light-colored nail polish glue, without milky white nail polish glue is used as a primer, the nail surface does not show color, and the color appears mottled and uneven.

(5) Do not touch the nail surface with cleaning fluid or fingers within 20 seconds after the sealing layer is illuminated, otherwise the sealing layer will not shine.

Color selection problem

In addition to the problems of nail products and operating techniques, if the color of the nail polish is not suitable for the customer's skin tone, it will also affect the overall effect of the nail, and it will look dirty.

1/ Yello skin

The skin color of Chinese people is mostly yellowish, and the nail colors such as brown/natural yellow/pearl will only make the hands look yellower and duller 

2/ Dark skin

If the skin tone itself is dull and dark, you should avoid choosing nail colors such as gray. Not only will your skin tone appear unhealthy, the nails will also look dirty.

3/ pale skin 

Colors that are too eye-catching, such as bright green/fluorescent colors, should be carefully selected even for fair-skinned people. Because this kind of color is prone to chromatic aberration, it makes your nails look cheap.

Manicurist technical issues

1/ Basic style

Lines: The drawing is not smooth enough, there are many breakpoints, the line thickness is different, or the line is not straight enough; 

Polka dots: the order of arrangement is irregular, the size of the dots is different, or the dots are not round enough;

Painting flowers: The outline of the flower shape is not natural enough, and the petal edges are not clear;

Gradient: The brush marks are too obvious, the color matching is not coordinated, and the color transition is too blunt.  

2/ Advanced style

Blurring: If it is the smudging of color blocks, if you use too many colors, or the colors are not properly matched, the nail texture will appear dirty and messy; take the marble pattern as an example, the smudge of the texture is not clear and natural, there will be a kind of smudge The feeling of a nail.

Diamond setting: Excessive use of glue when applying diamond decorations will leave traces on the nail surface. And before the glue is completely dry, the seal is applied, or the scrub seal is used when wrapping the diamond ornaments, which will cause the nail surface to turn yellow and dark.

Advanced painting: Take cartoon patterns as an example. The proportions of the patterns are not coordinated, the lines are too rough, and the colors are not used properly, which will cause the nails to look like a copycat.

In addition to the problems mentioned above, the dull skin tone of the knuckles, the dead skin barbs on the finger edges, the dull and rough skin tone, these factors will affect the overall effect of the nail art, and don’t forget pay attention to hand care and whitening !

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