Where Did The Earwax Come From?

Many people like to use a cotton swab to pick out their earwax when they are bored. It is easy to damage the skin of the ear canal and bring bacteria into the ear canal that may cause diseases.

But Why People Like Doing This?

In life, most people pick their ears because of itchy ears, and in fact, there are many reasons for itchy ears.

  1. The ear nerve is very sensitive. So, some inexplicable ear itching is usually just a mild neurological reaction. Some people will dig their ears unconsciously and scratch the external auditory canal with their fingernails, which will cause the mucous membrane to be damaged and the wound will feel itchy, so the more you dig, the more itchyyour ears will be.
  1. Mold is also a cause of itchy ears. Mold exists in the air, and people with weak resistance to attack. Some people have a lot of earwax, which may be infected with mold.
  2. Of course, too much earwax can also make the ears itchy. Earwax is called cerumen in medicine. It is the secretion of the cerumen glands in the external auditory canal. It has a certain protective effect on the skin of the external auditory canal. Also cleans the ear canal. But too much cerumen can block the external auditory canal, affect hearing, and sometimes irritate the external auditory canal and make the ear itchy.  

  1. Inflammation of the ear canal will make the cerumen more difficult to discharge. Generally speaking, the cerumen will fall off on its own. Sometimes the cerumen does not fall off and is extremely itchy, so you can only take it out. However, if the ear is pulled improperly, it is easy to cause inflammation of the external auditory canal. In severe cases, it will lead to hearing loss, and after recovery, the tissue cells will thicken, and the ear canal will become narrower and narrower, forming a vicious circle.

So, for people who wants to remove the ear max which is too much affecting the hearing, what should we do?

The best way to solve this problem is go to the clinic ask for doctor for help. Or you can get a professional in earwax camera cleaner alternatively that out performs conventional earwax removal tools, such as metal ear wax stick picker. Click the picture of the 1080P HD Wireless ear wax removal cleaner to learn more about its functions and advantages with incomparable advancement.

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